Dare To Defend

Dragon Storm

Cyber Security Monitoring Solution
Dragon Storm provides advance threat intelligence and the same level of security as the largest companies in the world, all at a low monthly cost. Your data is protected in real-time and meets your regulatory audit and reporting requirements. Dragon Storm, collects and retains security event data across your network from the perimeter to the core.

Dragon Storm is an enterprise grade monitoring system, but at an afforadable sliding scale subscription based on the number of devices in the network. This allows from Small to Large Businesses to enjoy the same level protection as with major Enterprises.

For very large networks, Dragon Storm can be installed locally to allow for a few more features and reduction on bandwidth.

A fully managed security and compliance solution, which is the only proven solution that:
Unparalleled threat & risk visibility in real time Minimizes risk of breach Responds to threats faster Dramatically reduces cost and time to repair
Ensures compliance with detailed reporting systemCan be up and running on day one Complete IT audit trail reporting Capable with 3rd Party Systems

All client networks receive the following benefits:
24x7 US and Australian based Security Operation Centers
Network Behavior Analysis Intrusion Detection Vulnerability scanning No additional hardware
Log Monitoring & Archiving Monthly Reporting Event Notification Event Analysis

For large networks with local based installation (includes the above):
File Integrity Monitoring Asset Tracking
Reduction of Bandwidth Utilization May Require Additional Hardware

Mission Analysis Compliance
“Mission First,” your company’s mission is of the utmost importance and through our solution will execute procedures for identifying, tracking, analyzing, and remediating both internal and external incidents to ensure business compliance. Through using MAC methodology, we implement an integrated incident resolution management workflow with embedded knowledge to resolve security incidents quickly.

Protect Your Data and Your Business Today With Our Real-Time Security and Compliance Solution