Dare To Defend

DDOS Detection and Mitigation

Distributed Denial of Service Detection
Dragon Storm is also capable of detecting an incoming attack of botnets attempting to overwhelm a network. By detecting an attack in the early stages, steps can be taken to make changes to allow for the network to maintain functionality.

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Distributed Denial of Service Mitigation
However, such attacks may occur in a very quick surge, hit-and-run events, or go on for an extensive time. In these cases, a dedicated DDOS Mitigation service plan would be better suited. Mitigation efforts would be of increasing additional bandwidth during the attack, along with nameserver protection.

DNS Filtering

Freeing up bandwidth by removing traffic from unwanted sites.
With just one low cost simple device, a small blackbox for a network, over a million ad serving domains will be blocked. This also provides an additional layer of security as this also includes traffic involding malware and tracking sites.
With the latest addition of Windows 10, by default there is an increase use of tracking traffic, which can be reduced via Firewall rules or along with this DNS Filtering system.

Mission Analysis Compliance
“Mission First,” your company’s mission is of the utmost importance and through our solution will execute procedures for identifying, tracking, analyzing, and remediating both internal and external incidents to ensure business compliance. Through using MAC methodology, we implement an integrated incident resolution management workflow with embedded knowledge to resolve security incidents quickly.

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