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Cyber Security

Managed Security Service Provider
Draco Tech provides businesses with cost effective 24x7 monitoring, analysis and customer alerting of security events.
  • Early detection, expert insight and quick response
  • Real-time situational awareness to anticipate & respond to threats
  • Network behavior analysis
  • Low affordable sliding monthly costs based on network size
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24/7 Monitoring Enterprise-grade Cybersecurity Enterprise class monitoring and services at affordable rates for business networks, allowing for greater profits.
Cloud SecurityFor Cloud Based Networks Geared cyber security services and monitoring available for cloud networks in providing cost effective security.
DDOS & DNS For Mitigation and Filtering Protect the precious bandwidth from the attacks of botnet armies and from 3rd party vampire sites with their bloated packets.
Services Services and Consultations Additional services are available, from conducting Risk Assessments, drafting policies, penetration testing and more.

Security Operations Centers

Our SOCs are located in Australia and the United States
  • Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  • Providing effective coverage around the globe
  • Stamford, Connecticut, United States of America
  • 24x7 network management and monitoring
With our SOCs located across the world, Draco Tech can provide trusted and effective security monitoring, day or night, anywhere. Additionally, even with employing US and Australian citizens, the monthly subscription costs is competitive with other global service providers. The subscription allows for the cost to be an operation expense and avoids hiring a full time security professional (40 hour work week) or a team.

Rest Assured, Security Made Easy

We provide 24/7 management and monitoring performed by cyber security experts at the Security Operations Centers to ensure your business is never vulnerable to attacks. We actively monitor the thousands of bad websites, email scams and various malwares to ensure your employees are protected too. We also include our watchlist and Proofpoint commericial intelligence for highly accurate identification of known threats.
  • 24/7 Management and Monitoring performed by cyber security experts at the Security Operations Centers
  • Proofpoint commercial intelligence for highly accurate identification of known threats and threat actors
  • Advanced correlation and analysis of network traffic, system alerts, and behavior patterns in real time
  • Actional alerts with detailed remediation steps ensuring swift remediation of identified threats
  • 24/7 Forensic analysis review and provide a step-by-step remediation
  • Legal chain-of-custody

And Knowing Is Half The Battle...

Hacking Services are not expensive:

Going rates for services on the Dark Web

DDOS attack for a week
As low as $200
Corporate Email Accounts
Around $500
Public Email Accounts
Access Tools & Crypters
$100 to $450
Website Hacking for Data

Four Corners:
Cyber War

ABC's Four Corners Cyber War August 2016

Four Corners produced an episode, "Cyber War," which was reported by Linton Besser and presented by Sarah Ferguson. The 45 minute episode provides insight to Australia's Government and Businesses dealing with cyber attacks and security. Additionally, Four Corners shows how easy it was to hack into a person's hard drive through the internet. The video is highly recommended to watch and can be done so at ABC Australia's website.

Watch Cyber War


The Search Engine for Internet of Things

Would you like to see first hand at the insecurity of the world's internet connected devices?
Go to Shodan's site (link below) and go to Explore. Choose a category, such as "Cams," which lists cameras that have a login of admin for ID and admin for the password.
What you will see, is just a taste.
Keep in mind and do follow local and national laws as such activity may be considered illegal.

SHODAN Website

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